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Voraath featured in Metal Injection!

VORAATH's (NILE) New Song "The Barrens" Is Crushing Sci-Fi Death Metal

Voraath is the brand new band featuring Brad Parris (Nile) on vocals and guitar, Joshua Nassaru Ward (Xael, Rapheumets Well) on drums, vocals, and keys, Paul McBride (Implosive Disgorgence, Sweet Blood) on bass, and guitarists Daniel Presnell and Tylor Kohl. You can check out their new single "The Barrens" below, which has two speeds – crushingly fast and creepily mid-tempo. Sometimes both at once!

We wanted to explore even further integrating science fantasy, soundscapes, and metal. This will be something new bringing together emotional yet brutal music and science fantasy so we hope to appeal to both metal enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate the lore of the music," said the band.

Read the full article here!

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