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Voraath Video Series and Lore

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On a dystopian earth where 80% of population has disappeared, enigmatic beings from a different dimension have arrived. The story follows a group of mercenaries who have been tasked with retrieving otherworldly artifacts for EOS corporation, only to find that they are part of a much larger and cosmic agenda.

Voraathg dimensions symbol 2.png

Voraath the video series

Voraathg dimensions symbol 2.png

Voraath the video series




Amon the Judge:

The story focuses on a group of hunters that are contracted by EOS Corporation to retrieve certain artefacts. We are 100 years into the future, so a lot has changed and corporations have taken over. While preparing for the next mission, the hunters of Harrow’s Gorge entrusted Edgar, a village elder, to keep the village safe by keeping the retrieved relic hidden. Betraying his oath, Edgar informed the militant Ostromek Corp. of the relics’ location for status and financial gain. The soldiers of Ostromek Corp. ravaged the village, murdering and plundering its resources. The song ‘Amon the Judge’ follows the hunters’ return, their trauma of loss, the brutal reprisal upon the remaining soldiers and the final judgment of Edgar. This song explored the mental complexity of trauma and under what circumstances do good people commit vicious acts.”


Voraathg dimensions symbol 2.png

Lore Art Coming soon

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